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We put together a helpful building tool to illustrate how we gather information and guide you along in a step by step process of how a typical flyer is put together. You can use this to help yourself to prepare a quick campaign or promotional ad. If you still need a team of professionals to help you all of this information can be used to put together your new flyer and save you time and money.
1 Personal Info
2 Flyer Design
3 strategy
Tell us about yourself
Nameyour full name
Organizationorganization name
Addressaddress to be used in promotion
Phone numbernumber to appear on a flyer
Notesmore details
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Build your flyer
Promotion start datepick your promotion start date
Promotion end datepick your promotion end date
Promotion venueplace your promotion is being held
Background frontupload first background(jpg, png or gif)
Upload Background
Background backupload other background files(jpg,png,gif)
Upload Background
Logosupload logos you want featured(jpg, png or gif)
Upload Logos
Other picturesupload other pictures you want in the flyer(jpg, png or gif)
Upload Pictures
Prizes and/or OffersPrizes or offers you want to include in your promo
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Choose your strategy
Promotion Namewrite a catchy promotion name/slogan
Pick your mediapick all that apply
Website Namepick a website name(if applicable)
Disclaimer/Fine PrintWrite any disclaimers for product or promo
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